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Mattress and sofa shall be the cleanest place in our home. Badly, it is full of dust mites and germs because of its heavy weight and jumbo size. An Ohio State University study estimates there could be 100,000 to 10 million dust mites in your mattress or sofas.. Thus, they become a major cause of allergies. Cleanmate uses the most innovative technology for dust mites removal service. With our cleaning procedure, you can prove the cleanliness with your naked eyes, not just the feeling or imagination. One of the technology we use is EPA registered Germaway UV device – Chemical free ultraviolet Disinfection.

UV light destroys bacteria on surfaces in seconds, much faster than the hours it takes to clean with other methods. UV light is an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution because it doesn’t contain chemicals that can pollute waterways or harm people or pets.

Another Innovative technology we use is Powerful Commercial-grade steamer. Steam cleaning is child, Pet & Environmentally friendly, since this process use only water.
Steam’s teeny-tiny vapor molecules penetrate a surface’s pores to force out dirt, grease and other stain-causing substances and does so without the use of chemicals. The steam’s extreme heat also slays bacteria, germs, mold, dust mites, and more – all using plain water. The hot steam contains less than 5% water and it cleans, will dry quickly.

Our service procedure:

Commercial-grade Vacuum machine with four level HEPA filtration, which captures 99,63% of allergens, asthma triggers and dust-mites.
Powerful Commercial-grade steamer that kills 99% of bacteria, viruses and dust mites without using any chemicals.
Apply UV light (type C) on the mattress or couch to kill microorganism, bacteria and eggs of dust mites.
Air Cleaner. Purify the air and refresh the atmosphere in your room.

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